CIFI Microservices

Harnessing the Power of Micro-Economy Tools with CIFI

Circularity Finance is dedicated to empowering its community with an array of micro-economy tools, each designed to help users create, manage, and grow their own decentralized economies. These core services are specially tailored for KYC-approved and KYB-verified users, reinforcing the platform's commitment to security and compliance. Below is an outline of the key services offered by CIFI and their respective fees.

Deploy Your Token

  • Purpose: Allows users to create their own tokens, which can serve various functions within the Circularity Finance ecosystem.

  • Fee: Deploying a token incurs a fee of 50 CIFI, an investment in the economic infrastructure the user is building.

Create NFT Collection

  • Purpose: Provides a platform for users to mint their own NFT collections, whether for art, utility, or community engagement.

  • Fee: The creation of an NFT collection comes with a 50 CIFI fee, ensuring the platform can sustainably host and manage these digital assets.

Stake Generation

  • Purpose: Enables users to create staking contracts for their tokens, incentivizing holding and participation within their micro-economy.

  • Fee: Setting up a staking contract requires a fee of 50 CIFI, facilitating the development of a reward mechanism for token holders.

Token Airdrop Tool

  • Purpose: Allows for the distribution of tokens to a wide array of recipients, perfect for initial distributions or reward campaigns.

  • Fee: Conducting an airdrop is accessible with a 10 CIFI fee, making it an economical tool for community building.

Explore NFT Collections

  • Purpose: Provides a gateway to discover and interact with a wide array of NFT collections within the ecosystem, fostering market growth and exploration.

  • Fee: Exploring NFT collections is part of the CIFI ecosystem's offerings, typically without an attached service fee.

Additional Platforms

  • ILO Launchpad: Reserved for VIP NFT holders who have completed their KYC, this platform is the launchpad for new projects seeking initial liquidity.

  • Asset Marketplace: Open to all KYC-verified users, the marketplace is a hub for trading and engaging with digital assets of all kinds.

The CIFI Micro-Economy Advantage

The micro-services offered by Circularity Finance are designed to promote economic activity and facilitate the growth of personalized financial ecosystems. These tools are carefully crafted to ensure that every transaction, every new token, and every NFT collection adheres to the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance.

By implementing a fee structure, Circularity Finance ensures the sustainability and quality of its platform, allowing for continuous innovation and the provision of high-caliber services to its users. The fees collected are reinvested into the ecosystem to provide better services, enhance platform security, and support the regeneration of rewards for all stability pool participants.

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