CIFI Marketplace

Expanding Commerce on the Blockchain

The CIFI Whitelabel Marketplace DAPP offers a scalable solution tailored to suit different levels of commercial engagement and is divided into three distinct tiers:

Tier 1: Digital Assets Marketplace

  • This entry-level tier offers a platform for the trade of digital assets, enabling users to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital collectibles, and other virtual goods seamlessly within the blockchain environment.

Tier 2: E-commerce Marketplace

  • Expanding on the digital realm, this tier integrates the capability to transact physical goods. It facilitates e-commerce operations, including order processing, tracking, and shipping to physical addresses, bridging the gap between traditional commerce and DeFi.

Tier 3: Tokenization & Fractionalization Marketplace

  • This premium tier extends beyond buying and selling, enabling users to tokenize and fractionalize assets. It supports primary market creations and secondary market trades, unlocking liquidity and democratizing access to various asset classes.

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