Deploy A DAO

The journey for a KYC and KYB verified company on Circularity Finance unfolds through a structured, compliance-driven process, ensuring a robust and secure experience within the self-regulated platform.

Here’s how a company can navigate the ecosystem, unlocking different tiers of value creation and service access based on their level of compliance:

KYB Registered Benefits: Full Platform Utilization

Companies that have completed the Know Your Business (KYB) registration process are granted comprehensive access to the platform’s value creation tools. Successfully KYB-registered businesses can:

  1. Mint DAOs: Leverage the intuitive DAO setup process, starting with a description of the DAO’s purpose and configuring the rules and governance structures that will oversee its operations.

  2. Issue Tokens: Create and configure their proprietary tokens, including XRC-20 tokens, which can be used for a variety of purposes within the ecosystem, from utility to governance.

  3. Launch NFT Collections: Develop and offer NFT collections, which can represent anything from ownership in digital art to real estate and other tokenized assets.

  4. Develop Educational Courses: With the push towards decentralized education, entities can create and offer digital courses, contributing to the ecosystem's knowledge base and creating value for the community.

  5. Deploy Staking Contracts: For incentivization and network support, businesses can set up staking contracts that reward users for participating in the network's security and operability.

The protocol’s architecture ensures that only entities with the appropriate level of compliance can unlock specific functionalities. This tiered access safeguards the platform, ensuring that value creation and asset issuance are conducted in a regulated and secure environment, reflecting Circularity Finance’s commitment to compliance, security, and user empowerment.

Users who have completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process can engage with the Circularity Finance ecosystem at a base-entry level. This verification enables them to:

  • Purchase Assets: KYC-verified users have the privilege to buy assets available on the Circularity Finance Marketplace, which could range from digital goods to tokenized real-world assets.

VIP Holder Privileges: The ILO Launchpad

For those aiming to delve deeper into the ecosystem and participate in exclusive opportunities:

  • VIP NFT Ownership: To gain access to private sale offers on the ILO Launchpad, users must elevate their status within the ecosystem by becoming a VIP holder. This is achieved by purchasing a VIP NFT, which serves as a pass to premium features and offerings.

The detailed step-by-step access and utilization process on Circularity Finance guides companies through a clear and regulated path from initial engagement to full-fledged participation in the platform's digital economy.

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