User Earnings

Revenue Sharing Model

Adding to the transformative potential of the Learn2Earn model within Circularity Finance's ecosystem, the CIFI Degrees platform presents a compelling value proposition for educators. This innovative platform not only incentivizes learning but also ensures that educators are rewarded for their contributions to the community's knowledge base.

Here's what educators can expect when they deploy a course on the CIFI Degrees platform:

For the initial uptake of each course, educators receive a generous 90% of the profits from course fees, reflecting Circularity Finance's commitment to rewarding content creators. The remaining 10% serves as a platform fee, which goes toward maintaining the robust infrastructure that supports course hosting, quiz administration, payments processing, and overall education management.

Milestone Achievement Incentives

Once an educator reaches the milestone of 100 students graduating from their course, the profit-sharing model becomes even more favorable. As a token of appreciation for their successful course engagement and the value they've brought to the ecosystem, educators will receive an additional 5% profit share. Consequently, the platform fee reduces to just 5%, enabling educators to take home a remarkable 95% of the profit generated from their courses.

The CIFI Degrees Win-Win Model

Circularity Finance operates on a principle that the more students educators onboard, the more value they bring to the ecosystem—and they deserve to be rewarded accordingly. As such, the platform is designed to recognize and reward the hard work of great teachers, ensuring they are paid what they deserve.

This incentivization model creates a win-win situation, where:

  • Educators are motivated to create high-quality, impactful courses and to reach as many students as possible, knowing that their efforts and success will result in substantial financial rewards.

  • Students benefit from a rich educational experience, gaining knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied within the ecosystem to earn rewards, further contributing to the growth of the micro-economy.

  • The platform thrives as a quality repository of knowledge, attracting more users and solidifying its position as a leading educational provider in the blockchain space.

The CIFI Degrees platform stands as a beacon of innovation in decentralized education, offering a system where educators are not only instrumental in propelling the community forward but are also aptly compensated for their contributions. With Circularity Finance, great teachers have a pathway to earning what they truly deserve, while students access a world-class education that empowers them to participate and flourish in the digital economy. This harmonious ecosystem fosters continuous growth, learning, and financial prosperity for all its participants.

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