Deploy A DAO

Deploying a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on the XinFin Network through Circularity Finance's decentralized application (DAPP) can be an exciting venture for those who wish to leverage the power of collective decision-making and decentralized governance. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started for only 1 XDC:

Step 1: Describe Your DAO

Begin by detailing the purpose and vision of your DAO. Whether it's a financial DAO aimed at collectively managing a treasury or a non-financial DAO focusing on voting and proposals with centralized money management, clarity here will guide your setup process.

Step 2: Setup Shareholders' Email Addresses

Identify and register the email addresses of all initial shareholders or members. This is important for communication and ensuring all participants are informed and have access to DAO proposals and decisions.

Step 3: Configure Your NFT Collection

If your DAO will involve the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), set up and configure your NFT collection. You'll define the attributes and rules for how these digital assets will be used within your DAO.

Step 4: Setup DAO Rules

Establish the governance rules for your DAO. These are the protocols by which your DAO will operate, including how decisions are made, voting thresholds, and any other operational guidelines.

Step 5: Setup Shareholders' Wallet Addresses

Collect and securely store the wallet addresses of all DAO members. This ensures that members can receive and hold DAO tokens, and participate in voting and other activities.

Step 6: Configure Your XRC20 Token

Create your DAO’s native currency by setting up an XRC20 token. This step will define the tokenomics such as supply, distribution, and how these tokens can be used within your DAO.

Each DAO you create on the Circularity Finance's DAPP will involve the creation of three core smart contracts:

  1. DAO Contract: This is the central contract that outlines the DAO's structure, rules, and how it operates.

  2. XRC20 Token Contract: This contract creates a fungible token that can be used within the DAO for transactions, voting, and other utilities.

  3. XRC1155 NFT Collection Contract: For DAOs utilizing NFTs, this contract manages the minting, transferring, and rules surrounding the non-fungible tokens.

Finalizing Your DAO

Once you have configured each aspect of your DAO, review all details and rules to ensure they align with your DAO's goals. After a thorough review, you can deploy your DAO on the XinFin Network. Your DAO is now ready to begin operations, allowing members to engage in decentralized governance and collective management of the organization's assets and decisions.

Remember, DAOs on the XinFin Network utilize the XDC utility token for gas fees and transactions, so ensure that your DAO's treasury and members' wallets are adequately funded with XDC to interact with the network smoothly.


This guide assumes a basic understanding of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the XinFin Network. If you're unfamiliar with these concepts, it may be beneficial to consult with Circularity Finance's blockchain experts or do further research before starting your DAO.

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