CIFI Exchange

Asset Trading and Payment Integration

CIFI's Whitelabel Exchange DAPPs are engineered to cater to diverse needs in asset trading and payments, offered in three progressive tiers:

Tier 1: Full-Service Exchange

  • Users gain access to a fully operational exchange with a curated set of trading pairs, providing a secure and efficient trading experience with automated liquidity management.

Tier 2: Exchange with Debit Card

  • Building on Tier 1, this tier introduces an associated debit card, allowing users to spend their crypto holdings easily in the real world, offering a tangible bridge between DeFi and everyday transactions.

Tier 3: Exchange with Debit Card + Data License/Dashboard

  • The most advanced tier integrates a comprehensive data license and management dashboard, providing in-depth analytics, compliance tools, and enhanced user control over their financial data and transactions.

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