How To Buy CIFI

Walkthrough Guide for Buying CiFi on Circularity Finance DEX

If you’re looking to purchase CiFi, the utility token of the Circularity Finance ecosystem, you have multiple options. CiFi can be acquired on:

  • Circularity Finance DEX using XDC

  • Bitrue using USDT

  • Globiance using XRP or XDC

Below is the guide specifically for purchasing CiFi via Circularity Finance DEX with XDC. Keep the CiFi smart contract address handy: 0xe5F9AE9D32D93d3934007568B30B7A7cA489C486.

Step 1: Access Swap Feature

  • Navigate to the “Swap” option on the left-hand side menu of the Circularity Finance DEX interface.

Step 2: Swap XDC for CiFi

  • On the ‘Swap’ tab, enter the XDC amount you wish to exchange. The interface will automatically show the expected amount of CiFi you'll get.

Step 3: Select CiFi Token

  • Click on “Select Token” beneath the XDC input box.

  • In the token selection window, you can either search for CiFi or enter the provided CiFi smart contract address if you do not see CiFi listed.

  • Choose CiFi to confirm it as the token you want to receive.

Step 4: Confirm Swap Details

  • Review the amount of CiFi that you will receive for the specified XDC amount. Check the exchange rate and slippage tolerance.

Step 5: Execute the Swap

  • Press “Swap” to proceed with the exchange.

  • A confirmation window will show the transaction details, including the gas fee.

Step 6: Approve the Transaction

  • Make sure the gas fee is acceptable to you. This fee compensates for the computational energy required to execute the transaction on the blockchain.

  • Confirm by clicking “Confirm” if all is in order, or “Reject” if you want to cancel.

Step 7: Transaction Confirmation

  • Wait for the blockchain to process and confirm your transaction.

  • Once confirmed, the CiFi tokens will appear in your wallet.

Please ensure that you have sufficient XDC for the swap and to cover the transaction fees. Should you need help or encounter any issues, Circularity Finance’s support is available to assist you.

You’re all set to trade on Circularity Finance DEX! Enjoy your experience.

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