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A New Chapter in Decentralized Finance

Circularity Finance is excited to announce the launch of the REFI token, leveraging the robust and innovative Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) Launchpad. This event marks a significant milestone in the expansion of the Circularity Finance ecosystem and its commitment to providing a comprehensive DeFi experience.

The REFI Token: A Glimpse into the Future

The REFI token sale commenced on March 21st, 2024, offering a unique opportunity for KYC-verified users to become early adopters of this promising new asset. The ILO Launchpad will operate for three months or until the soft cap is reached, providing ample time for interested parties to participate. With the presale price set at a competitive rate of 1 REFI per XDC, it offers an accessible entry point for investors.

A Structured Approach to Decentralized Fundraising

The REFI Launch is meticulously designed with clear targets and strategic milestones:

  • Soft Cap and Hard Cap: The launch aims to raise 10 million XDC, with a soft cap set at 2 million XDC and a hard cap at 10 million XDC. This structured approach ensures that the project has the necessary funds to achieve its initial goals while also setting a ceiling to maintain exclusivity and value for early investors.

  • Initial Liquidity Provision: A significant portion of the funds raised—5 million XDC—will be allocated to pair with 5 million REFI tokens within the CIFI DEX. This liquidity provision is crucial as it allows the public to access REFI tokens through the platform, promoting a healthy and liquid market from the outset.

  • Expansion and Stability: The remaining 5 million XDC collected will be strategically used to add liquidity pairings on other DLT networks, fostering the expansion and enhancing the stability of the ecosystem. This forward-thinking allocation reflects Circularity Finance's commitment to long-term growth and interoperability in the DeFi landscape.

The REFI Launch Specifications:

  • Token Address: The unique identifier for REFI tokens ensures transparency and trust in the ILO process. Here is the REFI token address: xdcbc24F5f3f09ced3C12322DB67EffB55297816Ef6

  • Presale Period: Spanning from March 21st to June 21st, 2024, the presale offers a comprehensive window for participation.

  • Liquidity Lock: 50% of the liquidity raised will be locked for 90 days, further instilling confidence in the longevity and stability of the REFI token.

  • Max Tokens Per Account: To foster fair distribution, the launchpad has set a maximum token limit per account, allowing for a wide distribution among interested participants.

  • DEX Listing: The presale and DEX prices are aligned, indicating a commitment to a fair market value for the REFI token upon its listing.

The REFI token launch through the Circularity Finance ILO Launchpad represents a paradigm shift in how tokens are introduced to the market. By providing a transparent, structured, and user-centric approach to token sales, Circularity Finance is not just launching a new asset but is also shaping the future of decentralized finance. As the platform continues to grow and integrate across various DLT networks, the REFI launch is a step towards creating a more inclusive, efficient, and stable DeFi ecosystem for all.

The Secure Investment Ecosystem of ILO on Circularity Finance

Circularity Finance has meticulously designed its Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) platform to ensure that asset acquisition is as secure and investor-friendly as possible. Here's an in-depth look at how the ILO process safeguards investments and upholds investor confidence within the ecosystem.

Asset Availability Post-ILO Completion

When participating in an ILO on the Circularity Finance platform, it's key to understand that any assets purchased will not become available to the public until the sales window of the asset has concluded. This means that all investments are locked in and remain internal to the platform for the duration of the ILO. Only after the sales window closes, and the ILO successfully concludes, are the investments validated. This period allows for a thorough and fair accumulation of capital, ensuring that all participants are given equal opportunity to invest and that the asset's release is well-regulated.

One of the most significant features of the ILO Launchpad is its investor protection protocol in the event that an ILO does not meet its softcap goals. If the minimum threshold for the ILO is not reached, the platform is programmed to automatically return the investments to the wallets of the investors. This automated refund process is a critical safety net, ensuring that investors do not lose their capital on projects that do not have enough support to be launched successfully.

Advantages of a Regulated ILO Launch

Participating in a regulated ILO launch like the one offered by Circularity Finance presents multiple advantages:

  • Trust and Security: Investors can participate with confidence, knowing that the ILO is regulated and adheres to strict security standards.

  • No Risk of Scams: The platform's structure eliminates the risk of scams commonly associated with unregulated funding rounds. Funds are either used to acquire the asset post a successful ILO or returned to the investors.

  • Transparency: The ILO process is transparent, with clear communication about the start and end dates, softcap and hardcap goals, and the terms of asset distribution.

  • Automated Compliance: The platform ensures compliance with its automated system, which honors the terms of the ILO and protects investor funds.

  • Accountability: By requiring projects to meet their softcap, Circularity Finance holds project initiators accountable, ensuring that only viable and supported projects go forward.

The ILO platform on Circularity Finance is at the vanguard of secure and transparent asset launches within the decentralized finance space. By offering a regulated launchpad that automatically enforces its terms and protects investor funds, Circularity Finance is building trust in the DeFi community and setting a standard for investment security. For investors, this means a risk-mitigated opportunity to participate in the growth of promising projects with confidence and peace of mind. Get Ready for Exclusive Early Access to the G+ Token Launch

Circularity Finance is gearing up for an exclusive token offering that you won't want to miss. We're extending an invitation to our community of KYC-verified users & VIP NFT holders for early access to the upcoming G+ token launch, brought to you by the Green Cross UK Chapter. This is your opportunity to be among the first to invest in a token with the promise of contributing to sustainability and ecological initiatives.

Our commitment to security and regulatory adherence means that participation in the ILO Launchpad for early token purchases is a privilege reserved for users who have completed the KYC process. We ensure that every transaction on our platform meets the highest standards of compliance, offering you peace of mind as you invest.

Preparing for the Launch

To our Circularity Finance community members: now is the time to familiarize yourselves with our platform's features and functionalities. If you haven't already completed your KYC verification, we encourage you to do so to ensure you don't miss out on the G+ token presale. The Green Cross UK Chapter is gearing up for the launch in April, and by being prepared, you can ensure seamless participation in this highly anticipated event.

Embracing the Future with G+ and Circularity Finance

The G+ token is more than just a digital asset; it's a statement of purpose, a contribution to a more sustainable future, and an emblem of the change we want to see in the world. By joining the launch, you're not just purchasing a token; you're supporting a movement towards environmental consciousness and regeneration.

Stay tuned, complete your KYC, purchase your VIP membership and get ready to be part of this groundbreaking moment with Circularity Finance and the Green Cross UK Chapter. Let's pave the way for a sustainable future, together.

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